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A Major Furniture Retailer wanted to improve it’s customer relationships with high volume interior designers and provide a “white-glove” experience when these customers need help. At the time the only order management functionality existed on a Mainframe green-screen type application. Customer Service specialists would be required to learn the Mainframe systems to be able to interact with orders and history. The Retailer needed a way to add a more modern application to help with Sales reporting and customer experience. The Retailer selected SalesForce to play this role.
Mulesoft was already in place at The Retailer to distribute orders from the Ecommerce Platform to the mainframe system via a series of queues. Bulk loads into SalesForce were already happening from a nightly file feed from the Mainframe, but customers and customer service specialists were requesting real-time order visibility instead of next day.

Two major phases of the project were proposed:

1) To use MuleSoft to tap into orders coming from Ecommerce and upsert them directly into SalesForce as they were being delivered to the mainframe, and

2) to use MuleSoft to directly implement a sales proposal to order mainframe integration for order proposals made in SalesForce by relationship managers so that a button click would create the order in the mainframe from Salesforce’s screens.

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