About Me

Hey, I’m Chief Architect Jameson Wildwood

As Chief Integration Architect for Intrgrex, I’m known for leading integration teams to provide creative solutions to even the toughest integration challanges.  I’ve been working with Mulesoft exclusively since 2011, and have become a well known developer, community contributor, and speaker at Mulesoft conferences.

Whether you’re looking for an Advisory Mulesoft SME, or you’re looking for a full Integration team to solve your enterprise challanges we can help.

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Certified MuleSoft Professional

Choosing a Certified MuleSoft Professional has never been easier. I wrote the first certification test in 2012, and have been continuously certified ever since, renewing the certificate every 2 years for updates.

"Jameson brings high energy, enthusiasm, smarts, and optimism to any team he is a part of. His deep knowledge of Mulesoft is highly valued.

- Glenn Whiting

"Having worked closely with Jameson, I can attest to his technical knowledge, creativity, drive, and lateral thinking abilities."

- Sean Canny

"Jameson is a master in the the art and the science of training people. He single-handedly built MuleSoft's training program from the ground up"

- Nahuel L.

"Jameson approaches his work with passion, innovation, and analytical capability often delivering game-changing results for his company."

- Charles Colt