Architecting Reliability and Visibility into Integrations

Every integration engineer is asked 3 questions constantly: Did the message go through? What happened with my file? Can you run it again? This workshop discusses how to create integrations that have end-user visibility into their operational status, how to create replay-ability in your messaging and integration patterns, and gain user trust in the process. This session is for developers and architects familiar with Mule runtime.

This session is a workshop on the learnings I’ve had over several years of doing integrations in business critical applications. Not just as professional services, but as the guy who has to support those integrations after they are deployed. The guy who has to work with users on versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 of integrations. How do you support users? You empower them to understand their own applications. You build systems that allow replayability of messages easily, without having to look up in your notes all the idiotic steps to hack together a curl command to send a message. We’ll go into all of that.